Wizards and Spells

60 min5 maxModerate

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Enter the Enchanted Grounds of the Select Dozen, a school of wizardry for the elite few. Beat Professor Wolfgang Lupus in a race across the school grounds in your entrance exam to the school. Grab your wand and cast a spell, try to get out before the bell.

"We LOVED IT! Casts and staffs are very kind and... puzzles are so creative and fun!"

- Yasumichi I., Glendora, CA

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Japanese Thriller

60 min9 maxModerate

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A Japanese reality game show is now accepting contestants for an escape game contest. This game is set in the abandoned apartment of the infamous Japanese serial killer, Futoshi Matsunaga. Escape the place where victims fell prey to torturous atrocities and are now said to haunt the apartment.

"The 'haunting' was really unique! It added a really fun element... my five stars was on purpose!"

- Janell W., Sacramento, CA

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Superheroes Adventure

60 min9 maxChallenging

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You and a group of superheroes have been locked in a room by a villain. You have an hour to escape before a bomb detonates inside the room. Can you solve the clues in time to escape or will you be destroyed?

"Lorenzo our game master was great - he greeted us right away and got us warmed up with some fun riddles."

- Erika S., San Diego, CA

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