Frequently asked questions

What's an Escape Game?
An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players work together in a themed room to solve a series a clues, hints, and puzzles to find themselves out from a locked room. What we do at Escape Game SD is offer an opportunity for strengthening family fun, establish team bonds for businesses, and fun all around with friends. We currently have three themed escape rooms available to choose from.

Can I just come with my group and pay at the door?
We take appointments and payments in advance but we do accept walkins if we have available slots and timing permits.

I have decided which room I would like to do, and I know the number of people I'm bringing. What next?
You can book online or call us at 619-642-0095 to book. Payments have to be settled during the time of booking.

Will there be strangers that will play with my group as well?
If you book all the seats allocated to the room, you won't be grouped with others. If you book some seats but not all, then others may purchase those available seats and be grouped with you.

I see a time slot that works perfect for my group but there aren't enough available seats. Can I add more slots to fit them in?
If it's your private group, we can potentially accommodate your request depending on the number of additions. However, if your group is playing the game with other parties, then we cannot increase the number of available seats.

Late arrivals - what happens if my party is late?
PARTIES MUST BE ON TIME. We ask that your party arrives 15 minutes prior to your booking start time you will need to sign waivers, use the restroom, and be introduced to the rules of the room. We cannot accommodate late parties because we have scheduled bookings after your appointment; therefore, we must start on time. Late parties cannot be rescheduled or refunded since others would have had to be turned away for your reservation. Please make sure to map our address, plan your route to make sure you arrive on time, and allocate time for parking.

Do you have parking?
The neighborhood has street parking, meter parking spots, and plenty of paid parking lots available but Escape Game SD does not owe its own parking lot. We advise your party to take parking into consideration so you are on time for your appointment.

I can't make my appointment, can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. If you need to change your time please call us in advance (48 hours) and we will try to accommodate you within reason. One rescheduling only per booking please.

Who can play? What age groups is this appropriate for?
If you book the entire room to your party, we do not have an age limit. However, if you are paired with other groups, we recommend at least age 15 or above and accompanied by an adult (18+).

How long does an escape room take from start to finish?
The escape room playing is set for an hour. With waivers, introduction, and leaving time to take photos, it could take approximately 1.5 hours for the experience.

What should i bring / how should i dress?
Bring your phone if you have one to fill out our online waiver. Dress comfortably, remember you will be moving around and will be on your feet.

What if i want a large group, can you accommodate large groups?
Yes, we can accommodate large groups up to 400 people per day from opening to closing if there are available slots - we can accommodate 50 people at a given time slot. Email us at

Can I be refused service?
Yes. We reserve the right to refuse service if we deem you as a risk to yourself or others due to but not limited to being intoxicated, injured, or aggressive.

Can I bring my pet?
We love dogs and cats just as much as you do! However, we have numerous customers and employees who have severe pet allergies, and therefore we must respectfully ask that you not bring your pets onsite.